Update Fixes ‘Windows Reading List Not Working’ Problems

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Windows Reading List is one of Microsoft’s proprietary and core apps for the Windows 8.1 experience. It has now been updated with new features but also bug fixes that solve “not working” problems for users
windows reading list not working
The Windows Reading List app is exclusively available for Windows 8.1 devices and the latest update received in the Windows Store brings some new features to the table, but also fixes to some of the most annoying bugs. Back in October, a lot of users have complained on the Microsoft support forums that Windows Reading List was not working for them. At the time, one of the users said:

Windows 8.1 installed OK. However Reading List does not appear to be working. If I look at an App site eg Weather and click the Share charm I get an option to save to Reading list, and it does so. If however I do an internet search using Explorer on the main screen and Bing any site I try to save using the Save charm does not offer me the option to save to Reading List. The only option I get is to email the screenshot. Reading the comments on the Reading List reviews in Store suggests I am not alone in this. Is it me or is there a problem with Reading List?

According to some Windows 8.1 users who commented on the Windows Store, the latest update that you can download at the end of the article, brings finally a fix for this. For those who don’t know, Reading List can be used to save online content for later viewing, with dedicated options integrated right into the Share charms in Windows 8.1. Here’s how Windows Reading List’s description goes:

Do you ever run out of time to read articles or watch videos you’ve found online? With Reading List, you can easily track and manage all of the content you want to get back to later in a beautiful display. You can share content to your list from the web or from other apps and easily come back to it when you have more time. Whatever you like to read or watch, the app makes it easy to save, find and get back to things you like, listing content you’ve saved in chronological order

Besides fixing annoying glitches,  you can now categorize items that are added to your list, create new categories and delete them. Recently, Microsoft has also updated its music and video apps, bringing some important improvements to them. It’s funny that Microsoft hasn’t written anything in the release note and we had to deduce the changes from users’ comments.

Download Windows Reading List on Windows 8.1


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