Windows Registry

windows registry

Windows Registry is a database in Windows operating system that stores information, settings, options, and other values for hardware and software installed on that PC. In addition, the registry holds your system settings, and you can modify them by modifying your registry.

The registry is organized into keys, and there are five root keys available:


Each of the root keys contains specific keys that allow you to change specific settings. Besides keys, the Windows registry also supports different types of values. The supported types include:

  • REG_SZ – String value
  • REG_MULTI_SZ – Multi-line string value
  • REG_EXPAND_SZ – Expanded string value
  • REG_BINARY – Binary value
  • REG_DWORD – Similar to a binary value, but also supports 32-bit decimal and hex values
  • REG_QWORD – Similar to DWORD but it’s stored as a 64-bit value

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