Surface RT Tablets to be Discontinued this Year, Death is the Only Solution

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If Windows 8 was a concept that not too many embraced, then we can definitely say that Windows RT was a total flop. Now, Microsoft is the single company remaining that still makes Surface RT tablets, but not for too long.
surface rt tablet discontinuted
The original Surface RT tablet was an interesting proposition, but shortly after Windows 8 started gaining traction, it started to make sense that consumers don’t like that much the product. The idea, from the beginning, was to offer a dumbed-down version of Windows 8 at a much cheaper price.

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But as Windows 8 tablets are now available for less than $100, the Windows RT idea is totally obsolete. Even Ballmer said at a certain point that the company built too many Surface RT units

Going forward with Surface RT would be a non-sense, dumb and silly thing to do for Microsoft. And, 99%, it won’t happen. Windows RT, or, the idea behind it, the code, the source; call it however you want, will be ‘cumulated’ inside Windows Phone for a better experience for small screen devices.

Recently, even Microsoft pundit Mary Jo Foley said that Microsoft will stop making ARM-based Surface tablets. Microsoft will instead focus on the Surface Pro line. And, if you ask me, if the company could release a cheaper version of the Surface Pro, then that would be its killer strategy to take on the iPad and the growing number of Android tablets.

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I think you misunderstand RT. It is not a dumbed-down version of Windows 8. The only significant difference between the two is that RT was designed to run on an ARM architecture and is thus unable to run Intel-based x86 architecture software. It’s the same for iOS and MacOS, Android and Linux. I don’t hear anyone complaining about this. I have the first Surface RT and while no speed demon, it runs MS Office and surfs the web just fine.

The second Surface runs much faster and has an even better screen. If rumors are correct, Microsoft will soon announce two more RT Surface models, Surface 3 and Surface-mini, both with a digital stylus, which when combined with OneNote will make for impressive utility.

As far as the future goes, RT will be upgraded to Windows 10 on ARM. This is no surprise as updates were always part of the model. It is also no surprise that RT and Windows Phone would merge into a future version of Windows on ARM.

All this is to say that rumors of RT’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. I expect that Microsoft is not ready to give up on Windows on ARM. They do have pretty deep pockets after all. I think they are in this for the long haul.

Your point might be valid for tech savvy persons. However, the questions remains – why didn’t they release the Surface RT 3 then? The release dates are > Surface (1st generation): October 26, 2012 and September 23, 2013 for Surface 2. So, on October 26 we’ll know if you were right or not 😀