Microsoft removes apps and games without age ratings from the Windows Store

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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A few months ago, Microsoft warned all developers that if their apps didn’t fall under the new International Age Rating Coalition (IARC), they would be completely removed from the Store. Microsoft said it would start removing the apps from September 30, so by now, the majority of unsupported apps should already be deleted from the Store.

The new age rating system requires fulfilling  a five-minute questionnaire about the app’s content and interactive elements, that needs to be answered by developers. Once developers provide the needed answers, mostly about violence, nudity, and other sensitive content, their apps and games can normally remain in the Store.

The IARC was established in 2013, and allows developers to set different age ratings in different regions. It provides a global, unified platform for games and apps, suitable for customers all around the world.

This method will surely clear the Windows Store of many apps, especially those that don’t receive updates from developers anymore. Removing any apps won’t help Microsoft with solving the problem of lacking apps and games, but will at least provide better experience for users and customers.

It will be much easier for users to determine age ratings of all apps and games now. Parents will benefit most from this change, because they won’t have any problems restricting inappropriate apps for their kids anymore. The search experience will be improved, as well, because the unsupported apps that blocked genuine apps in the search results are now gone from the Store.

Have you noticed that certain apps or games are now missing from the Store? Is there an app or a game that you were using, but is now gone? Tell us in the comment section below.


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