Warning: Apps From the Windows Store Don’t Convert From Trial to Paid

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In the new 9926 build, Microsoft has merged its Windows Store and Windows Phone Store under one single platform. However, things did not go smoothly and it seems that apps installed in trial mode from the Green Store don’t convert from trial to paid if you use the Grey Store to purchase them.
BETA Store or the Grey Store is the fusion version between the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store. As stated before, this is a brand-new feature introduced in build 9926. The Green Store comprises the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store, each taken individually. Now, that we’ve defined the terms, let’s see what the issue is.

Basically, if you use the BETA Store App (the Grey Store) to purchase an app previously installed in trial mode, the app continues to run in trial mode. In other words, it does not convert from trial to paid. In order to avoid this issue, you need to use the Green Store to make the purchase.

“1. Install an app that has a trial mode from the green store. Try Tweetium as an example.
2. Now use the grey store to purchase that app.
3. It remains on trial mode.”, users explain on the Community Forum.

Microsoft has not rolled out any update to fix this issue, but its BETA Store team is aware of the issue and is working to solve it.

“[… ]have also escalated it to the PG and will update this thread once I receive any inputs from them.”, Microsoft’s Community Forum Moderator Wasim A explains.

Until Microsoft comes up with a solution, we advise you not to use the BETA Store App to purchase apps, use the Green Store instead. In this manner, you’re sure to avoid this issue.

On the BETA Store App, you can buy a plethora of products ranging from modern apps and games and the offer will definitely evolve as Microsoft marches towards the final version of the Store. But the BETA Store App is not available on all devices for the time being.

“During this preview, Store (beta) is only available for desktop PC devices. Desktop PC devices will also have the legacy Store (currently existing Store on 8.1) available to them. For visual clues as to which Store the customer is running, Store (beta) is grey and Store (currently existing store) is green.”, informs Wasim A.

We will keep you up to date as soon as new information is available on this issue. Meanwhile, let us know whether the apps that did not properly convert from trial to paid have self-corrected.

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