Windows Store poised for growth but needs more quality apps, study says

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While the Windows Store is easy to access on Windows 10, the app store lacks quality apps when compared to its gargantuan rivals in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. In fact, some of its apps are terrible, making the Windows Store less of a choice for consumers. A new survey, however, indicates that many users are likely to recommend the Windows Store to others despite their many qualms about it.

Ben Fox, the developer of Spirality and the Disko file cleaning suite, surveyed more than 500 Windows Store users across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand in order to gauge user perception of Microsoft’s app store meant to measure negative user perception versus actual usage of the Windows Store.

Respondents were asked how likely they were to recommend apps on the Windows Store to their friends and the result is known as the NPS score.

NPS Score

NPS score data offers marketers a way to identify the number of users who are more likely to promote their services. Fox explains the methodology of the survey:

Scores can range from -1.00 (100% Detractors) to 1.00 (100% Promoters). Anything better that 0 is considered evidence that the product is sustainable and will grow, with 0.30 being ‘good’ and 0.50 being ‘excellent’, although the best way to consider an NPS is to look at a competitor’s, or your industry’s average.

Windows Store garnered a score of 0.05, which suggests the app store is poised for growth according to Fox. On top of user recommendations, other areas of the Windows Store, including usability, pricing, quality, and selection, were gauged in the survey.

Although it is obvious that Microsoft’s app store still has a lot of room for improvement, its usability score is impressive. However, the app store would do better if it high-quality apps as well as better search results.


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