The Windows Store is a sea filled with piracy apps

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Windows Store Pirated content

There are many legitimate movies and TV show streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix. However, individuals looking for pirated content will also find a wide variety pirated “loot” on the internet. In fact, the official Windows store has made it even easier for pirates looking for their next leaked videos. Microsoft currently has numerous not-so-legal piracy apps on their store that allows you to stream videos for free.

What to expect from these piracy apps

When you think about pirated content, typically you get the image of websites found on the the shadier side of the web. However, in the Windows Store, you can find these piracy apps right in the top free list. You will also find legitimate streaming apps like Hulu and Netflix in the same top streaming apps list. In fact, these free streaming applications outrank many legal streaming apps such as NFL Mobile, NBC Sports, etc.

The numerous streaming piracy apps on the Windows Store aren’t exactly shy about the services they offer. The majority of these apps offer a general variety of content. Yet, users looking for specific content will also be able to find what they are looking for. For instance, “Asian Drama TV” is an app where users can find their favorite Korean and Japanese dramas.

Users still interested in testing the high seas of pirated movies will be interested to know that these type of apps are available on mobile devices, Xbox One, and of course PCs. Nevertheless, as in love and war, nothing is equal in the pirating scene. Some applications offer numerous high quality content, while others simply try to bait in as many downloaders as possible. These apps typically offer nothing of use. Also, it goes without saying that since these streaming apps are for free, users should expect to be bombarded by every type of advertisement under the sun.

Why being a pirate isn’t safe

While these applications can be a great find for the pirate inside you, it is important to note that Windows does not seem to be screening the applications that are getting into their store. This is concerning because you will not able to tell whether or not you can trust an app or not. A sketchy application offering illegal streaming services may come with a number of spyware and viruses. Malicious software can be harmful to not only your electronic device, but also to the security of your personal information. Then again, these are just speculations and it is not certain whether or not these apps come with malware.

The internet is crawling with free streaming services, but it is shocking to find these services on the official Windows Store. In the near future, Microsoft will  probably implement stronger regulations.



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