Microsoft Redesigns the Windows Store by Adding Categories

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Albeit categories have been available in the Windows Store for a while now, some users, including myself, are seeing the categories in the featured area for the first time.
windows store redesign
Recently, I’ve been having quite a lot of problems with the Windows Store – I’ve been getting a lot of glitches and errors and the app updates wouldn’t install at all. Then, when trying to go to the featured area of the Windows Store, everything seemed scrambled there and with glitches.

As it turns out, it was caused by a change that Microsoft was bringing to the Windows Store. Maybe I am getting this too late, but now, I don’t have to right-click anymore in order to bring up the categories, as they are now showing near the featured apps are, to the right.

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Let me know if you have seen this change take place in your region sooner than it did for me. As for the update itself, it’s quite useful when you are looking to download and install Windows 8 apps from a particular category.


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