Build 14366 brings Windows Store update 11606.1000.43, fixes crash bugs

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Windows 10 build 14366 and 14364 aim at fixing as many bugs as possible both on PC and Mobile in order to improve the Windows 10 experience. These builds actually mark the beginning of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update June Bug Bash, a build development cycle whose role is to fix the existing bugs and also detect other potential issues not yet noticed by Insiders.

One of the most annoying Windows 10 issues concerns the Windows Store. Users often report Store crashes, freezes and other bugs that prevent them from downloading a particular app or simply browsing content.

The Windows Store is basically an app hub for Microsoft, uniting users around various games, apps, movies and other items. It is extremely important for Microsoft to offer a fluid Windows Store experience because deploying its products depends on how well the Store works.

Build 14366 is finally delivering a full-frontal attack on all the Windows Store issues with a store update (version 11606.1000.43.0) that includes performance improvements to prevent the Store from crashing and using up too many resources on your devices. The update also brings overall navigation improvements in the Store, which means you will be able to more smoothly visit app pages.

The update also brings back app and game screenshots and added a share button to the app description, allowing you to add app and game links to email or social media apps. On mobile, the Store’s app icons are a bit bigger in order to avoid selection mistakes.

The Windows Store now lets you watch videos, such as game trailers and gameplay footage. The update also fixes the rating system.

The Windows Store is one of the most important focal points for Microsoft as all Windows 10 users will eventually head there for apps and games. The platform received more than 6.5 billion visits in the last 10 months, fueled by UWP apps and the fusion between the Xbox and the Windows Store.



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