Microsoft Wants to Clean its Windows Store of Spam Reviews

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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Microsoft is doing a great job with the Windows 10 Store so far. The Store is seeing an increased number of visits every month, and more and more big name developers and companies are making their own Windows 10 Universal apps.

The increased number of apps in the Store, along with the never-ending spam apps, means that it’s harder for some people to find the right app, so Microsoft recently released a new update for the Windows Store, which improves search algorithms, apps’ visibility, the ranking system, and the way reviews are shown.

Searching for an app is now easier in the Windows Store

The latest update for the Windows Store improved two aspects of the service. It improved search algorithms, and it also changed the way user reviews are shown in the Store.

The search algorithm update delivers a more accurate ranking system. The algorithm will analyze the ‘popularity’ of the app, which is measured by the number of downloads, positive reviews, etc. and it will place it before other, less-popular apps of the same kind in the Store.

The enhanced search algorithm should take care of discovering all apps, but those apps that violate the rules, such as containing spam or abusing the keywords will most likely be at the very end until, eventually, they are being removed.

As we said, the update also changed the way reviews are being shown. Reviews left by Windows Insiders of Windows 10 Preview are not shown, because as Microsoft says, their experience is different than that of ‘regular users.’ Also, all reviews are going through the Dev Center before they are shown in the store, in order to eliminate all spam reviews.

In order to test the update, we searched for HERE maps in the Store, because there are two versions of the app (Windows 10 and Windows 8.1) listed in the Store, due to a publishing error. Unfortunately, both versions are still listed, so it looks like the update didn’t fix this issue. Therefore, starting from next month, reviews created by users on the Windows 10 Insider Preview ‘Slow ring’ will be shown in both Dev Center and the Store.

However, Microsoft promised even more updates for the Windows 10 Store soon, so we hope that all the issues will be fixed, and that users are going to have a pleasant experience using Microsoft’s service. Tell us your experiences with the Windows 10 Store in the comments.