Windows Terminal now supports emoji, but not all users like this

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windows terminal emoji support

Reddit users reported that Microsoft introduced emojis in Windows Terminal the command-line interface for the operating system.

Windows Terminal with emoji? Not all users are delighted

Not all users are thrilled by the new feature, a lot of them pointing out that the emojis are useless in Windows Terminal:

I love that this is a thing meanwhile the Microsoft Teams messenger platform struggles with unicode
Oh … wow … such a great feature!
This is why each update that Microsoft deliver is so worthy!

As you can see, people don’t seem to care too much about the new feature. Moreover, Windows Terminal has real issues that these updates need to solve.

Also, there are some technical issues with these updates, such as compatibility problems with Linux, as Reddit users are pointing out:

I wonder how Linux is going to handle these when I mount a Windows partition.

This issues will be somehow fixed as Microsoft announced that it would bring full Linux kernel in Windows 10 to enhance the performance of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) performance.

Is this your first time downloading Windows Terminal? Use this step-by-step guide to get the job done faster.

Can I use Windows Terminal emoji in passwords?

There isn’t much information about the new command-line emoji feature. It’s still unclear whether users can utilize Windows Terminal emoji in host names or passwords.

Nonetheless, it would be interesting if users could create passwords out of emojis.

The new Windows Terminal (in its preview form) is available on Windows Store.

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