Windows Terminal preview 0.3 brings an improved UI and new key bindings

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Windows Terminal preview 0.3 brings new key bindings and a new UI

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Windows Terminal Preview v0.3 has just hit the Microsoft Store, and it has a lot of improvements and changes.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the new Windows Terminal app, and in June they released the firs preview of it. Now, Terminal Preview v0.3 is out and you can get it from the Microsoft Store.

Windows Terminal Preview v0.3 is more accessible and user-friendly windows terminal preview 0.3 improvements

The most important improvements to the app are an updated UI, new settings, and new selection and key bindings, but there are a lot more changes. Here’s the complete list:

  • Draggable Title Bar: The Terminal is now DRAGGABLE FROM ANYWHERE ON THE TITLE BAR!!!
  • Improved Dropdown Button Layout: Additionally, the title bar now has a new look! The dropdown button has been resized as well as recolored and it now stays to the right of the last opened tab. The minimize, maximize, and close buttons have also been recolored to provide a uniform experience.
  • Accessibility: We now expose the Terminal’s controls and contents as a User Interface Automation (UIA) tree, enabling tools like Narrator to interrogate, navigate, and read the contents of the Terminal’s UI controls and text content.
  • Custom Tab Title: You can now define the tab title of each profile within your settings by setting the "tabTitle"property in a profile. Applying this setting will override the tab title provided by the profile’s shell. This can help distinguish between profiles and provide a more customized experience.
  • Additional Background Options: You are now able to add a background image on top of an acrylic background with a color tint using the properties "backgroundImage", "useAcrylic", and "background"!
  • Selection: When using your mouse to click and drag to select text within the Terminal, you are now able to drag your mouse outside the Terminal window to continue selecting text above/below. Additionally, you can now select sections of text by double or triple clicking.
  • Key Bindings: OEM keys ({}_+-=|/?<>:”;’) are now available for mapping within key bindings! Additionally, you are now able to have key bindings for copying, copying text without newline characters, pasting, and duplicating a tab! These are set in the profiles.json settings file within the “keybindings” property and are made default as of this release.
  • Azure Cloud Shell Connector: You can now connect to the Azure Cloud Shell within the Terminal!

It’s worth mentioning that if you have previously installed the Terminal from the Store, you’ll get the update automatically. If you don’t have the Terminal on your PC, you can get if from the Microsoft Store.

Additionally, the Windows Terminal is available on GitHub as well.


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