Windows Terminal v0.11 supports localized UI languages

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft has released Windows Terminal preview v0.11.
  • The update makes settings changes and introduces non-English UI languages.
  • Make it to our Windows Terminal page for the latest on the command-line coding tool.
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Command-line interfaces

Microsoft has announced some great news for developers who love to use command-line tools. It is all about the new Windows Terminal preview v0.11, which comes with major changes.

Most of the updated features, from settings to localized UI languages, make it easier for coders to navigate around and use the app. Also, the update brings a couple of bug fixes to Windows Terminal.

Updates include:

Localized UI

For the first time, Windows Terminal has user interfaces in non-English languages. The release notes for this app do not highlight the additional supported languages, however.

Developers of the app acknowledge that they have perfected localization yet. So coders may expect to see some bugs here and there.

Specifically, there might be translation complications. Feel free to report any to Microsoft on GitHub.

Settings changes:

Microsoft has modified settings for the app. For these to work, move your settings file out of the folder first. Next, let the Terminal auto-generate a new file. You may then transfer your settings back to the folder.

The changes include:

  • You will now be using settings.json instead of profiles.json.
  • All auto-generated Terminal profiles now have Cascadia Code as the default font. You may still customize your font using the fontFace property.
  • The application now comes with Tango Dark and Tango Light color schemes.
  • The default keys for copy and paste are ctrl+c and ctrl+v, respectively. It is still possible to remove these key bindings and work with Ctrl+shift+c and ctrl+shift+v.
  • There are also changes to what happens by default when you copy plain text.
  • The update removes some settings, such as the globals property within the JSON file.

Bug fixes

There are several fixes, namely:

  • The lines that appeared between solid blocks of background color are gone!
  • Command line arguments should trigger more reliably in the order you expect them to.
  • The input stack has been changed to address some issues with non-US-104 QWERTY keyboard layouts.
  • The window borders now respect your application theme.

Windows Terminal v0.11 builds on major upgrades that Microsoft introduced to its predecessor, v0.10. The latter excited developers as it brought important changes, including the ability to provide input with the mouse in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) apps.

According to Microsoft’s Kayla, this is the last massive update to Windows Terminal before version 1.0 is finally out. As mentioned earlier, the latest version is not perfect, so coders can expect some bug fixes and enhancements before v.10 is available.

You can get the update via the Microsoft Store. Alternatively, head over to GitHub.

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