Windows Updates to be Automatic for Windows 10 Home Users

by Ivan Jenic
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Microsoft will finally release Windows 10 in a little more than a week, and new announcements are coming every day. This time, Microsoft announced that users of Windows 10 Home edition won’t be able to turn off their updates, as they’ll be forced to receive them automatically.

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According to Licensing Agreement of the final Windows 10 build 10240, which has been presented to Insiders last week, Windows 10 Home users who agree to the clause in the EULA are also agreeing to get “these type of automatic updates without any additional notice.”

Users of Windows 8.1 had the possibility to choose the reboot time as well as the time of downloading and installing updates. Option to never check for updates was also present. But now, all updates will be downloaded while computer is not in use. The PC will reboot on its own, as well, but you’ll be able to re-schedule the reboot.

This move proves that Microsoft will treat Windows 10 asa ‘service,’ and that it will always provide new updates for it. These updates will include security patches, new features, and other improvements.

Of course, this method could bring a couple of troubles for Windows 10 Home users. For example, users with slow internet connection will have problems connecting to regular sites while Windows is downloading updates. Also, new updates may break drivers for peripherals like printers or maybe sound cards.

But automatic updates will bring more security to your PC, as it will become less susceptible for hackers. However, there are mixed feelings about this Microsoft’s decision, as some users like it, because they don’t have to worry about updates on their own, while others are complaining because Microsoft took away ‘freedom’ of installing desired updates from them.

How do you feel about this change of updating policy? Tell us your thoughts about this in the comment section below.

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