Yet another Windows zero-day vulnerability found by Kaspersky

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Kaspersky recently published a blog post warning Windows users about a vulnerability that affected all the supported versions of the OS. The security vendor released a patch to fix the issue on April Patch Tuesday

Kaspersky discovered the vulnerability during a malware investigation. In the worst case scenario, hackers can exploit this vulnerability in the win32k.sys system file and get full control of your system.

Moreover, hackers can easily use this security loop hole to target Windows 7, 8.1 as well as Windows 10 users.

A group of hackers managed to install a Windows PowerShell backdoor by exploiting these vulnerabilities.

Kaspersky explained the situation as follows:

The backdoor was used to download the payload, which allowed cybercriminals to gain complete control of the infected machine. 

The security vendor informed Microsoft about the situation and the company released a patch to fix the bug as a part of this month’s Patch Tuesday update.

As a matter of fact, if you have not downloaded the update yet, you should install it as soon as possible. It will not only help you to protect your system but also fix performance issues.

Keep your PC safe from threats

Kaspersky also listed a series of security measures that Windows users should respect at all times:

  • Microsoft already released an update to patch this vulnerability, so install it now.
  • Update your operating system on a regular basis
  • You can detect unknown threats with the help of behavior-based detection solutions.

Kaspersky’s report provides a detailed overview of threat intelligence and proved that cyber attacks are increasing day by day. Researchers also identified some new techniques used by cyber criminals.

Having a reliable antivirus solution is paramount to keep your PC safe from threats.



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