Remove locked Windows files with Wise Force Deleter

Costea Lestoc By: Costea Lestoc
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Wise Force Deleter is an application that allows you to delete files that have been locked by the system. This is useful because an operating system usually locks files when they are in use. For example, if you open a video in VLC Media Player or a picture in Microsoft Photos, you can’t delete, rename or move the files as long as they are used by Windows apps.

However, it seems that Windows sometimes locks files that are not open, something that can be quite annoying. Usually, this issue can be solved with a simple restart but sometimes even this doesn’t fix it. In this case, a powerful tool like Wise Force Deleter comes in handy.

The application comes with two options to regain control over a locked file. By opening the Wise Force Deleter application, you will be able to delete a file directly from the program interface. All you need to do is select the file and click on “Unlock & Delete”.

A second option allows you to send a file to Wise Force Deleter with Explorer: Right-click the file you want to delete and select Force delete. Once you do that, open Wise Force Deleter and you will see the file(s) you’ve sent to be unlocked/deleted by the application. Finally, select Unlock & Delete and the file(s) will be permanently deleted from your computer.

If you want to just unlock a file, you will not be able to do so with this application. Wise Force Delete permanently deletes all the files you add to the Unlock & Delete list.

Have you already used this tool to delete locked files from your computer?



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