Official WordPress App for Windows 10 is Coming Soon

Ivan Jenic By: Ivan Jenic
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Millions of freelancers, publishers and web site owners (including us) are using WordPress for publishing their online content every day. And all these users of WordPress will have an opportunity to work on their content via official WordPress app for Windows 10, soon.

Shortly after announcing its app for Mac, WordPress has also informed us that the app for Windows 10 is under development. For now, we don’t have an exact release date of the app, but since WordPress introduced some other changes to its service, we probably won’t have to wait too long for it.

It looks like WordPress is working hard on expending its range to all platforms, because besides Mac and Windows 10 app, the company is also working on the Linux version of WordPress app. So, if you’re looking for more news, and freshest updates about the release of all these WordPress apps, you can sign up for WordPress’ mailing list on this link, to receive the freshest notifications about these releases.

At the moment, the app seems to be more like a web wrapper, but even some basic apps like this can be quite useful to users. But the app will certainly have some advantages over the web version, like for example, delivering notifications about what’s happening on your site, which isn’t available on the web.

WordPress is the most popular publishing platform in the world, with millions of daily users. It is used to power many great blogs and websites. So the introduction of the new apps for Windows 10 and Mac will certainly attract even more users into creating their website with WordPress, and also will make it easier for the existing users to work on their content.

What do you think about the releaseof WordPress app for Windows 10? Will you use it when it gets released, or you’d stick with old-fashioned, web version? Tell us in the comments.


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