Wunderlist App for Windows 10 Updated with Comments & Sync Improvements

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Wunderlist is one of the best cross-platform task management apps currently available — which is why Microsoft acquired it in the first place.

Last autumn, the app received a huge update in order to make it fully compatible and ready for Windows 10. Now, another minor update has been released on the Windows Store — even if the version notes section still references about the changes released last fall.

Wunderlist updated for Windows 10

wunderlist app windows 10 update

As you can see, the update weighs in at almost 10 megabytes which, compared to other updates, can actually be considered a medium-sized update. Usually, very basic updates only containing bug fixes and other improvements are less than 5 megabytes, while this one is slightly bigger.

We didn’t notice any visible changes besides a version bump to (f9a5ffa). wunderlist app windows 10 downloadThe app feels a bit snappier after installing the update, but we’re not sure if this is directly due of the update.

We’ve reached out to Wunderlist for further clarification on this specific update and will let you know if we hear back from them. In the meantime, if you manage to spot something different, do let us know by leaving your input below.

Update: The kind guys at Wunderlist provided a detailed changelog, so here’s exactly what’s been changed:

  • We’ve made it easier to view all your comments! Long comments are now abbreviated in detail view so you can see your entire conversation at a glance instead of getting lost in a monologue.
  • We also darkened the comments text to increase contrast and readability.
  • Various sync improvements.

Since it was acquired by Microsoft, Wunderlist has gotten better and better. The app is constantly being updated with bug fixes and other minor, incremental updates to improve our overall experience.


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