WWE 2K17 issues on Xbox One: low FPS rate, game freezes and more

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by Madalina Dinita
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WWE 2K17 is now available for download on the Xbox One console. As its title suggests, this game is the 17th entry in the WWE 2K franchise and features stunning graphics, ultra-authentic gameplay and a massive roster of WWE and NXT’s popular Superstars and Legends.

You can now live the most authentic WWE gameplay ever, but first you need to overcome a series of annoying issues that may affect your gaming experience. WWE 2K17 has only been available for a few hours, but many gamers are already reporting various issues such as game freezes, character customization bugs or low FPS rate issues.

The good news is that some of the issues affecting WWE 2K17 can be solved by installing the game’s day-one patch. The game itself is 46 GB and the patch is 11 GB. However, for the time being, no information is available about the content of the patch, so we don’t really know what issues it addresses.

List of WWE 2K17 issues on Xbox One

The issues listed below represent the most frequent problems affecting gamers experience after installing the patch. In other words, you may still encounter some of these issues even after your install the WWE 2K17 day-one patch.

  • The FPS rate sometimes drops, limiting the gaming experience

[…] the framerate on Xbox One is abysmal. There are fps drops in replays and during break outs and even the gameplay itself doesn’t feel as fluid as 2k16 did.

  • The character customization options don’t apply correctly: For example, when applying tattoos to the inside of the arm, they show up on the leg and down the side of the body
  • The game freezes, forcing you to exit the match

When Shinsuke Nakamura goes for his ground Kinshasa (standing at the opponent’s feet) he freezes in place while the opponent stays down, forcing you to restart or exit the match. I found this out during a post-match breakout after I’d beaten Chad Gable.

  • WWE 2K17 crashes at particular moments:

In MyCareer, the game crashes every time I try to start my MITB match. I’ve had to start over in a new career with a new character. I’m going to assume there’s nothing that can be done to get past the crashing in my other MyCareer save.

  • The top rope finisher feature is often unavailable, the rope itself starts to shake and gamers can’t complete the action

  • Sound is sometimes missing in the after match interference and there are also many audio discrepancies as well.

As you can see, some of the issues are minor ones while others prevent you from actually playing the game. The good news is that 2K was quick to react and already rolled out a day-one patch. Although this first patch didn’t solve all the issues, it proves that WWE 2K17’s developers are doing their best to improve the player experience.

Have you already downloaded WWE 2K17 on your Xbox One console? How has your experience been so far?


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I’m having a problem, I’m in a rivalry with dean Ambrose and this is the second time it glitches to takin me out of the championship match since I’m number 1 contender but this time it says I’m in a rivalry with him but the animations and matches for the rivalry are with Daniel Bryan

The only issue that I’m having is that freezes up every once in a while when I’m doing MyCareer. Like, when I’m heading to the ring for a match, it crashes when I’m about to come out. It’s like that now as I’m typing this.

I have had issues with my created character’s entrance music. it always defaults back to the biker theme after a match.