Console fans, there is a way to restore your Xbox 360 gamerpic

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  • If you are an Alpha Skip Ahead Insider, prepare for the best news you've received in quite a while. 
  • Remember your old 360 gamerpic and how you couldn't go back to it anymore after you changed it?
  • Well, Xbox engineer Eden Marie just announced that starting today, that will become possible again.
  • After the update is applied, restart and you will find a new option in your change gamerpic screen.
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This is actually a topic that gathered tremendous amounts of internet miles, as it has been discussed over and over again, time after time, for years on end.

It relates to the fact that Xbox console users weren’t able to switch to their old 360 avatars, after changing it in favor of a newly, better-looking Xbox One version.

Those who did that and wanted to revert back to the prior found themselves unable to do it, due to a Microsoft policy change that forbade them.

The old Xbox 360 gamerpic is coming back to Series X/S

The latest episode in this series unfolded at the end of last month. Some time ago, an Xbox user who goes by Noukon on Twitter purchased a Pac-Man ghost avatar for a dollar.

Over the years, as the Xbox user interface underwent changes and iterations, Noukon’s avatar got smaller and smaller until it was little more than a tiny blue square lost in the endless gray sea of the Xbox avatar display.

At the time, Xbox developer and engineer Eden Marie promised this user that she will do anything it takes to restore his beloved one-dollar avatar.

Listen, I can’t promise anything, but I’m going to make it my personal mission to fix this.

After fixing that problem, Eden’s next task was to figure out how to make the avatar look better on the Xbox profile sign-in screen.

Eden credited her ability to update Noukon’s avatar to Xbox’s policy of allowing its engineers free time to tinker with whatever they like within the platform.

Now that we’ve established the precedent, let’s jump to the latest news involving Xbox avatars.

After so many years in which you couldn’t go back to your old 360 gamerpic, the situation is about to drastically change, for the better.

As the same above-mentioned engineer said, if you’re an Alpha Skip Ahead Insider, you may need to reboot your console, but starting today you’ll find a new option in your change gamerpic screen.

An important aspect to keep in mind is the fact that this will only show up if you’ve ever had an Xbox 360 gamerpic, and if your current one isn’t already your Xbox 360 gamerpic. Makes sense, right?

Furthermore, once it’s set, any future changes you make on an Xbox 360 console will automatically carry over.

This is music to the ears of nostalgic, die-hard Xbox fans. who yearn for the good old days of gameplay. With all this being said, enjoy your new avatar and keep on doing what you do best.

Don’t forget, that this feature is available only for Alpha Skip Ahead Insiders, at this time.

And this is not the only new addition coming to the new generation consoles, as the latest controller firmware update also brings Bluetooth low energy support, along with the ability to quickly switch between paired devices.

Are you excited to restore your vintage 360 gamerpic on your Xbox One and Series X/S console? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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