Everyone’s freaking out over the new Xbox controller hat and mittens

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Gamers are always on the hunt for the latest and coolest hardware accessories. 
  • From console covers to new controller skins, everything new is in high demand.
  • Recently, Xbox UK posted a tweet about some Xbox controller winter wear cozies.
  • Naturally, although mostly a joke, fans now want to get their hands on this set.
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If you were wondering if anything else rather weird or somewhat peculiar is happening behind the closed doors of the Xbox factories, here’s one detail that will surely amuse you.

Xbox UK  has recently posted a very interesting photo yesterday over Twitter, showing some accessories for its console’s controllers, perfect for the cold season.

And who knows, it might have all just started as a joke, but now, a lot of people actually want to purchase these seasonal controller accessories.

Xbox UK shows cozy controller winter wear in a recent tweet

The pictures are simple, yet it’s hard not to get excited even about something as simple as that, especially when you are a die-hard Xbox fan.

Although it looks pretty nice and Christmasy, these sets appear to be somewhat of an impractical investment. However, the tweet doesn’t appear to suggest the knitwear set is actually for sale.

But the way it is formulated is open to interpretation, causing some to think that these items are actually obtainable from the Microsoft Store.

But, even though the tweet shouldn’t be taken seriously, fans still commented and expressed their desires to purchase the admittedly impractical Xbox controller hat and mittens set.

And although many actually got the pun, many are now looking for a way to get their hands on this season’s product.

Joke or not, as many of the users that replied to this post said, it’s highly unlikely you would have an enjoyable, competent gaming session with the hat covering the Y button and obstructing the left stick.

But there is a plus here if we can call it that. Now that Xbox UK actually performed this inception, we can all start crocheting our own controller cozies, provided we know how to.

Would you buy these cozies for your Xbox controllers if they became available in the Store? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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