Microsoft could launch a detachable Xbox controller for smartphones

by Madalina Dinita
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Xbox users are always all ears for news about their favorite console. Well,Microsoft surprised them again.

There was already news buzz about Microsoft working on a detachable controller for mobile devices. And it seems there is a grain of truth in those rumors after all.

Microsoft patents detachable Xbox controller

The news was based on Microsoft’s Research paper indicating a detachable mobile controller model in progress for tablets and smartphones.

The research paper turned into a patent recently.

Having said that, the release date is still uncertain. The patent appears to be an effort to block anyone else from taking advantage of the idea.

Inspired from the Joy-Con controllers, this Xbox controller is more of a charging device for detachable input module/s.

Designed for touchscreen devices, the patent further describes how it can be detached from the charging dock and then attached to smartphones or tablets.

What does the patent say?

According to the official patent decription:

A charging device for one or more input modules for a touch-screen device is described. The charging device comprises a charging mechanism and portions which are shaped to receive an input module. The charging comprises power input and power output. The power input is configured to receive power from an external power source and the power input is configured to provide power to one or more input modules which are attached to the charging device.

The detachable controller idea has apparently impressed many. They believe that it’s going to be a hit with Microsoft’s forthcoming streaming service Project xCloud.

According to them, gamers will be able to stream games to their mobile devices using the cloud gaming service. Well, this explains why Microsoft is interested in building a dedicated controller for smartphones and other mobile devices.


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