Fix: Xbox error code 0x876c0001

By: Milan Stanojevic
4 minute read

Playing games online on your Xbox console is great, but sometimes certain errors can appear. Users reported error 0x876c0001 on their console, and today we’re going to show you how to fix this error.

Xbox error code 0x876c0001, how to fix it?

Users reported that they encountered this error while trying to access Xbox Community on their console. According to them, they couldn’t access guides or store tabs, and applications such as YouTube or Netflix wouldn’t work properly. As you can see, this error can cause many problems, but there are few potential solutions available.

Fix – Xbox error code 0x876c0001

Solution 1 – Clear your cache files

According to users, you can easily fix this problem simply by clearing your cache. Sometimes your cache can get corrupted and that can cause problems with online services. To clear your cache, do the following:

  1. Go to Home screen > Settings.
  2. Navigate to Disc & Blu-ray >Blu-ray> Persistent Storage.
  3. Select Clear Persistent Storage. Clear cache three times in order to completely delete all corrupted files. Keep in mind that this procedure won’t delete any of your saved games or achievements.

After clearing your cache you can perform Clear and Restart by following these steps:

  1. Go to Home screen > Settings > Network > Advanced Settings.
  2. Select Alternate MAC Address > Clear and Restart.

Lastly, hold the power button for 10 seconds to turn off your console. After the device turns off, wait for a few seconds and turn it back on again. Some users are also recommending to disconnect all cables when your device turns off, but that’s not mandatory.

Solution 2 – Sign out of your profile and sign back in

If you’re getting error code 0x876c0001 you might be able to fix the problem simply by signing out of your account and logging back in. This is the simplest solution, but few users reported that it worked for them, therefore be sure to try it out.

Solution 3 – Check if all Xbox services are running

This error can appear if certain Xbox services aren’t running properly. Necessary services are Xbox Live Core Services, Purchase and Content Usage and TV, Music and Video. Check the status of those services online on any other device. If any of the aforementioned services isn’t running that might be the cause of your problem. Unfortunately there’s nothing that you can do to fix this problem if these services aren’t running, so you’ll have to wait until Microsoft solves this issue.

Solution 4 – Test your connection to Xbox Live

This issue can be caused by your network connection, therefore it’s always a good idea to test your connection to Xbox Live and see if there’s any network errors. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll left on the Home screen and open the guide.
  2. Select Settings > All Settings.
  3. Now select Network > Network settings.
  4. Choose Test network connection.

Solution 5 – Check for network problems

Sometimes error code 0x876c0001 can appear on your Xbox simply due to network problems. If that happens, check if your network connection is working properly on other devices. You can also try connecting your Xbox to the Internet using Ethernet cable instead of using wireless connection. If none of that works, press the power button on your modem. After your modem turns off, wait for a few seconds and turn it back on.

Solution 6 – Perform a factory reset

If other solutions don’t work, you might want to perform a factory reset. This option will usually delete all files from your console and reset it to original state. This means that you’ll delete all your accounts, saved games, settings and files. If you want to keep your files, we strongly suggest that you back them up to a USB flash drive before starting the reset process. To reset your Xbox to factory settings, do the following:

  1. Open the guide by scrolling left on the Home screen.
  2. Select Settings and go to All Settings.
  3. Choose System > Console info & updates.
  4. Select Reset console.
  5. You should see two options available: Reset and keep my games & apps and Reset and remove everything. We suggest that you use the first option since this option will only reset your console and delete potentially corrupted data without deleting games and other large files. If that option doesn’t work and the problem still persists, be sure to use Reset and remove everything option. This option will delete all downloaded games, saved games, accounts and applications, therefore if you want to preserve some of your files, we suggest that you back them up before using this option.

Few users reported that factory reset fixed the problem for them, but be sure to use this solution as the last resort if none of the other solutions work for you.

Xbox error code 0x876c0001 can create a lot of problems and prevent you from accessing any online content on your Xbox, but you should be able to fix this problem simply by removing cache or by restarting your console.


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