You will get fewer Xbox Game Pass Quests points as of March

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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xbox game pass points undervalued

Those of you that love gaming on their Xbox, rewards and free stuff are probably more than familiar with what Xbox Game Pass Quests is.

This new reward system implemented by Microsoft as an incentive for fans’ fidelity was revamped last month, and it garnered plenty of praise.

However, Microsoft changed the point reward system without any heads-up. This change resulted in a  severe undervalue of their points.

How did Microsoft undervalue the Microsoft points?

With the change, Microsoft didn’t raise the point costs of the various services that you can cash in the points for. Instead, they severely trimmed down the number of points you could get per activity.

As an idea, here is a little breakdown of how gathering points used to go before the change:

  • Before, you would receive 30 points each day for two tasks:
    • Logging into the Xbox Game Pass app on Mobile
    • Playing an Xbox Game Pass game on Xbox
  • You’d also receive up 50 points for each monthly task, with an additional 100 points for completing them all.
  • Game pass game achievements would also reward you heavily
  • You’d also get plenty of points for playing or downloading a certain amount of Game Pass games.
  • Dedicated players could even receive 1,000 points for doing all of their monthly tasks as well.

As you can imagine, getting around the 2000 points mark per month was a breeze. That was more than enough for you to get plenty of benefits from the Microsoft Store.

In fact, users on Reddit posted so detailed tables showing just how different and unrewarding the system is now compared to the pre-revamp era:

Amount of Time Point earnings in March Point earnings in February
Daily 10 30
Weekly 18.57 32.14
Monthly 49.83 58.33

Microsoft gave no explanation regarding the change

With the new system, you could literally now get more Microsoft Rewards points per day by using Bing for web searches on Windows, Xbox, and Mobile than you do for playing Xbox Game Pass in a single month.

No explanation has been given by Microsoft regarding this change, nor does anyone know whether this is permanent or just a testing phase. Whichever the case, Xbox users are very unhappy.

What’s your take about this latest twist regarding Xbox Game Pass Quests rewards? Let us know by leaving a message in the comments section below.