Xbox Live Custom Tournaments lets gamers set the rules of competition

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Microsoft improves cross-platform compatibility between Windows 10 and Xbox One with every major update for its latest operating system. This time, during yesterday’s Microsoft Event, the company presented the new Tournament Mode for gamers on both platforms.

Namely, gamers of Windows 10 and Xbox One will be able to create their own custom tournaments, for basically any game available on these platforms. The Tournament Mode allows users to fully customize their tournaments by adding a custom name, adjusting privacy settings, choosing participants, and more.

Once you’ve set up a tournament, an invite is going to be sent to all your participating friends, so they can organize and prepare for the main event. As we mentioned above, the Tournament Mode is cross-compatible with both Windows 10 and Xbox One, so users will be able to participate, regardless of the platform.

As eSport evolved as an actual sport, gaming tournaments have become more and more popular over the years. But not everyone can take part into huge international tournaments. But with this feature, you’ll be able to host your local tournament and compete with your friends, which can be even better.

If we take a look at Microsoft’s announcements for the Creators Update at Microsoft Event, it is clear that the company wants to improve users’ interaction while playing games. Creating custom tournaments fits great with the ability to broadcast gameplay, which the company also showcased at the conference. So, people will be able to participate in their own tournaments, but the interested audience will be able to watch the competition live.

What do you think about the upcoming Tournament Mode for Windows 10 and Xbox One? Are you looking forward to competing against your friends in your own local league? Tell us in the comments below.



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