There are now 46 million monthly Xbox Live users, up from 34 million last year

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Xbox Live continues to power Microsoft’s earnings with a total of 46 million active users, according to Q3 2016 results. This represents a growth of 26% compared to lasts year’s results and solid proof that customers trust Microsoft when it comes to gaming equipment.

Xbox Live user growth contributes to the company’s 1% growth in the company’s More Personal Computing revenue alongside the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. The Xbox is the second largest revenue source for Microsoft after the Surface devices, as Microsoft’s press release reads:

Revenue in More Personal Computing grew 1% (up 3% in constant currency) to $9.5 billion, with the following business highlights:
Surface revenue increased 61% in constant currency driven by Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book […]
Xbox Live monthly active users grew 26% year-over-year to 46 million.

The growth in the two areas comes as a breath of fresh air for Microsoft after a 46% decline in phone revenue.

The company’s Xbox devices have been a success and it appears that Microsoft is planning to revamp its Xbox fleet. The tech giant has recently ended the manufacturing of Xbox 360 devices and will most likely replace them with a new Xbox.

Xbox Live offers a series of advantages that attract users such as:

  • connecting to the Xbox Live community on the go on your PC, tablet or phone
  • capturing your best gaming moments, sharing them with your friends and creating your own identity as a gamer
  • multiplayer for everyone: you can fight against your friends or ally with them and wage wars against others
  • cross-device multiplayer compatibility so you can play fabulous games on your Xbox and, at the same time, invite your friend to play along from his/her PC.

Another major advantage is represented by the games you can play as the Xbox is always among the first platforms to receive the latest games. Xbox users can choose from complex games such as FIFA 2016, Mafia III, Homefront: The Revolution and many others.  And if you’re in a mood for simple games, pick one of these: Battle Ages or Masquerade, Pac-Man and Galaga or Song of the Deep.

Microsoft Xbox Live will definitely become even better since it is one of Microsoft’s priorities as Amy Hood, chief financial officer confirmed:

We remain focused on investing in our strategic priorities to drive long-term growth.



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