Xbox Insiders can test mouse and keyboard support on Minecraft Beta

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Xbox One mouse keyboard support

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Mouse and Keyboard support are long impending, especially after Microsoft themselves confirmed the same couple of years back. Microsoft now allows its Insiders to have a glimpse at the feature via the Minecraft Beta. The support is apparently already live for people that are on the Xbox Insider program and the same can be tested out while playing the Minecraft Beta.

Xbox One

It’s still not clear on which keyboard model will the Xbox support. However, a user has confirmed on Twitter that the feature supports Razer mouse.  However, the response hasn’t been the best and this is most likely to be sorted out in the future builds. On a related note, it will take some more time for the Xbox mouse and keyboard support to scale up to the level wherein it will rival the controller.

The addition of mouse and keyboard support will mean a major button remap for the game publishers. Most of the Xbox games come with special controls and key combinations that are best suited for a controller.

Another grouse that some of the Xbox users have is that the controller and the keyboard will be providing a competitive edge as opposed to the controller. Perhaps this is the first time that a video game console will be offering mouse support. That being said the arrow mark or the mouse pointer is large and acts sloppy.

On the contrary, Microsoft has been very clear that the mouse and keyboard support will be pushed only if it makes sense. It’s most likely that Microsoft will enforce measures to prevent the anti-competitive behavior. Needless to say, the mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox is an interesting feature indeed. I personally believe that more the options better is the overall gaming experience. With the mouse and keyboard support on the offing, the Xbox users will have yet another way to control their games.


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