Xbox One achievement tracker lets users control transparency and achievements

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The upcoming Xbox One Creators Update  will bring many interesting features that will significantly improve the gaming experience on Microsoft’s console. If you want to test out the new features before the OS is officially released, you can enroll in the Xbox Insider program.

The latest Xbox One build brings automatic update improvements as well as an interesting new feature offering players more control over their achievement tracker.

Players can now control the transparency level and number of achievements in their achievement tracker. As a quick reminder, the achievement tracker is a feature that records player progress in real time, useful for when you want to check progress or change your gaming strategy.

Now, thanks to the latest Xbox One build, players can set the transparency level of the app as well as the number of achievements being tracked.

If you’re not familiar with the achievement tracker, follow the steps listed below to enable this feature:

  1. Launch the game you want to play
  2. Double-tap the Xbox button on your controller
  3. Select Achievements Tracker from the list of snap apps
  4. Press A on an achievement to get the option to pin it to the top of the list.

To see what achievements and challenges are available under your profile, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll left from the Home screen to open the guide
  2. Under the Sign-in area at the top, select View profile
  3. Scroll right to Achievements
  4. Under Achievements, you’ll see the games you’ve played at the top. Select a game to view more information about it.



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