Xbox One available for Windows Developer apps

by Radu Tyrsina
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At the beginning of this month, Microsoft launched the Summer Update for Xbox One. Through this update, Microsoft combined both Windows and Xbox Stores, making the Universal Windows Platform available for the Xbox One. The company finalized partnerships with other companies in order to bring the Universal Windows App to Xbox One as well. As such, all developers can match their Universal Windows Apps with the Xbox One console.

If you are one of the people who build apps running the UWP, you can release one app for Xbox One gamers simply by checking the box saying “Windows 10 Xbox” when you submit the packages for the app in the Windows Developer Center. You can even bring the old apps you had for Windows 10 PC to the Xbox One.

However, Microsoft will need to approve the concept of your game if you are a game developer who works on the Universal Windows Platform and wants to release the app to the Xbox One. This is required for quality control since the company is preoccupied with customer satisfaction and wants to prevent a poor game being made available from the Windows Store. As such, developers will be asked to enroll in the [email protected] Program to let them access the concept approval stage.

This is a good idea since it benefits both the developer and the company, allowing them to discover any issues early in the process of developing the game. Contrary to what many people think, Microsoft is not that picky when it comes to admitting new games, simply requiring developers not to include offensive, vulgar or objectionable content and to make it suitable for the console. Moreover, this openness to developers is great for the Xbox One, since it will bring loads of new games and apps to the console.


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