Will the Xbox One controller work on Project Scarlett?

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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xbox one controller project scarlett

Hardcore Xbox enthusiasts are probably already up to date with the development of Project Scarlett and what it will bring.

As the launch date draws closer, people are already wondering about what else they will have to change, other than having to buy the new console of course.

The first thing that popped into the mind of many is what fate will await their controllers.

Your Xbox One controller will work with Scarlett

Fortunately, Microsoft announced that anyone migrating from the Microsoft Xbox One will be able to use their controller to its full extent with the Scarlett 2020 console.

[…]all Xbox One controllers are forward compatible (at minimum bluetooth versions)

This news brings joy to players that are already probably saving up a lot of money for when Project Scarlett hits live.

This goes double for any player that decided to spend money on the Xbox Elite controller which already comes with a hefty price tag.

Unfortunately, no other news about Project Scarlett was released, but what we already know sounds promising enough in itself.

Whether this piece of news hints that the next-gen console will come with its own console or not is currently unknown.

In the end, buying Scarlett’s own controller will probably be something only hardcore fans will do.

Are you excited about what the next-gen Xbox console has in store for the gaming community?

Let us know what other questions and expectations you have about the upcoming console in the comments section below.


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