Xbox Series X to have a disc-ejecting controller button?

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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Xbox One

Do you remember how you used to press X on your Xbox 360 controller to remove DVDs? If you miss that, it is coming back on your favorite game console, according to an insider post shared to the Xbox One Reddit forum.

It is not clear when the feature will roll out to all Xbox One users, but insiders are currently testing it. Gamers are upbeat about it even as they look forward to the Xbox Series X shipping later this year.

Microsoft’s next-generation console comes with superior graphics and processing capabilities. You may reasonably expect the device to have the ability to eject discs using a controller, although its maker has not confirmed that.

Recently, the company announced various changes to its current console’s dashboard to make the gaming experience much better.

X controller button improves access

Many Xbox One users have been asking Microsoft to enable them to eject disks by pressing X on their controllers. The feature should facilitate ease of access, according to the Xbox One insider who revealed it on Reddit.

It’s just a QOL improvement for ease of access I suppose. The eject button on the Xbox One (OG particularly) has been known to become unresponsive, so this will help with that. It also allows people with the Adaptive Controller to eject a disc, who may not have been able to before.

Of course, some users may not bother using their controller this way.

They feel that ejecting a disc from the comfort of a couch does not make a significant difference when you still have to reach for the console to remove it. Maybe that is why Microsoft got rid of the feature in the first place?

However, pressing X on your controller comes to the rescue when the eject button on the console malfunctions. It is a much more convenient alternative to inserting an uncoiled paperclip into the tiny eject hole on your Xbox One.

The predicted death of video game discs has not come yet despite the rising popularity of digital formats. So the need to use DVDs and Blu-rays on gaming consoles persists in the meantime.

As such, it makes sense that you may sometimes need to use the X button on your controller to remove game discs stuck in your console. Hopefully, the upcoming Xbox Series X will let you do that.