Xbox One and One S gets Dolby Atmos Audio support for Netflix

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One of the best things about having an Xbox One or an Xbox One S is the fact that it’s much more than just a gaming console. For the price of said gaming console, you also get a complete entertainment system fully equipped with UHD 4K Blu-Ray capabilities and direct access to all the important entertainment platforms from YouTube and Twitch to Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, it would seem that the very popular streaming service has quite a classy gift in store for Xbox One and One S users.

Dolby Atmos Audio support

Netflix has announced that it will start offering support for Dolby Atmos Audio, and it’s starting with the movie Okja. This type of support is only available for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles. For those that aren’t aware of what Dolby Atmos Audio is, its’ basically the 3D glasses equivalent of audio.

The sound is being moved in different parts of the room so that the experience is more authentic. It can even make the sound go over your head, offering support for total immersion. It’s a really great thing to have if you’re the kind of person that wants to experience movies and TV show in the best possible conditions.

Using Dolby Atmos Audio

And now the question is, how do users actually use this feature? There are two ways in which this capability can be activated. One is the obvious way, by having a home theater audio setup which allows Dolby’s service to move sound like that. The other one is by using a pair of headphones in association with the official Xbox app from Dolby. The Dolby Access app will allow users to use their headphones to experience sound in this top quality, immersion-heavy way.

More movies coming in

As is the case with all new services and capabilities, it will take some time before there will be a really rich catalog of content available that supports Dolby Atmos. However, there are a few movies coming to Netflix which will feature this support already. The first one is Okja, as mentioned previously. After that, titles like BLAME!, Bright, Death Note and Wheelman are coming next.

Promising future

With this kind of experience brought to users in the comfort of their own homes, the future is promising for streaming services, Netflix in particular. It will be interesting to see what else will be provided to enrich the experience of watching your favorite TV show, or if there will be any reason to go to the theaters in the near future. Obviously, the cinema industry won’t just drop dead overnight, but some might consider this the first step in a mini-takedown.


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