The Xbox One factory reset bug still affects many gamers

by Radu Tyrsina
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Xbox One factory reset bug

For a while now, many Xbox One users encountered a strange bug when they turned on their Xbox One consoles that forced them to set up their console again due to a factory reset bug.

Xbox One users go through the whole setup process again

After turning on their consoles, many users were greeted with the original out-of-box experience even after having applied the most recent system updates. Reddit was flooded with gamers who complained that they had to go through the entire setup process all over again and sign into their accounts.

I turned on my console after just playing it a few hours ago and it made me go thru the entire set up process again. Any reason why this could be happening?

Fortunately, apps and games were still available. The nasty thing is that if you update your games, you’ll need to download those mods all over again and re-sync game data.

Xbox Support’s reply

Xbox Support officially confirmed that the problem is now fixed, with Xbox support engineers adding that personal info will be downloaded again when users re-enter their Microsoft account information during the setup process.

The bug is still lurking around

Despite Microsoft’s claim that the issue was fixed, it seems that the bug is still lingering with many users still experiencing the same problem. Some users are planning to hold off from turning on their console, while others tried to fix the issue by turning off the Xbox from the power socket.

Most of the affected users confirmed that they’re not enrolled in the Xbox Insider program despite reports of Insiders also being affected.

Until further official notice, skip the latest system update in order to avoid this issue.


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