Xbox One gets a Light theme: Here’s how to enable it

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Xbox One Light theme

A brand new Xbox One update just reached Alpha Preview members and brought the incredibly anticipated light theme. Besides this, it also includes notification changes and a few fixes to media playback. So, those in the Alpha Preview can happily enjoy both bug fixes and a bunch of brand new features.

The long-awaited Light theme is the biggest addition

The new Light theme was first teased earlier this month and now it’s finally here. It comes right after recent moves targeted at improving the customizability of the Xbox operating system. The new dashboard will allow users to change the color scheme of the user interface with more whites and light grays. The original dark theme will still be enabled by default but don’t worry as you now have the option of enabling the white theme in the Settings app.

How to turn on the Light theme on the Xbox One

Fans of light themes on Windows 10 can be happy as a light theme is on its way for the Xbox One as well. For now, it’s only available for the Xbox Alpha ring. It will add a white background to guides, menus, and more.

In case you’re on the Alpha Ring, you have to make sure your console is fully up to date and that it has been restarted before you enable the light theme. In case you’re not part of the Alpha Ring, you’ll have to wait a little longer for the feature to become available.

Check out what you need to do to activate it:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the Guide.
  • Go to the right to the Action Center.
  • Using the A button, select All Settings.
  • Go to Personalization and press A.
  • Select System Personalization.
  • Using the A button, select System theme.
  • Select Light.

Now your console should be successfully using the light theme! Enjoy!


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