Microsoft could buy back your old Xbox One games for 10% the purchase price

by Ivan Jenic
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Have you ever purchased a game expecting to play it a lot but in the end, only played it for a single hour? If you’re into digital games and platforms like Steam and the Xbox Store, it probably happened to you at least once. Well, Microsoft will perhaps introduce a solution for your woes by buying back the digital copy of your game.

Recently, a Reddit user shared Microsoft’s new survey in which the company asks players if they’d agree to sell back their old Xbox One digital games to them for 10% the purchase price in Xbox Store credit. So for example, if you bought a game for $60, Microsoft would offer to buy it back from you for $6.

Microsoft to catch up with leading game distribution platforms

Obviously, while most would say that getting just 10% percent for your botched purchase game is not that much, keep in mind that there’s no other way to sell your old digital Xbox One games. Despite this, a lot of users feel like Microsoft should put a better offer on the table, especially because physical copies can be sometimes sold for the original price or at least close to it depending on the condition of a CD or how good your trading skills are.

Microsoft survey old xbox one games

The most popular game distribution platform, Steam, is already offering its users an option to return a game and get a full price refund, but only under certain rules. (You need to make a request within fourteen days of purchase, and the title has to be played for less than two hours).

It is well known that Microsoft wants to catch up with leading game distribution platforms, so the company is making efforts as many improvements to its Windows 10 Store and Xbox Store as possible. However, as much as we love Microsoft’s products here at Windows Report, it’s clear that Steam’s offer is currently the better deal.

What do you think about Microsoft’s survey? Would you agree to sell back your old digital titles for 10% the original price, or do you think Microsoft’s offer is not high enough?

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