Microsoft brings Xbox One and PC gaming one step closer

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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We all heard various rumors about a common Xbox One and PC gaming platform. But we could not image such a platform could be built so fast.
In one month’s time, Windows 10 PC may be running Xbox one games without any hassle.


In the Windows 10 April 2019 update, Microsoft will enable Windows users to enjoy Xbox One games on their PCs install them directly from the Xbox distribution server instead of the Store.

This is a strong initiative by the company to unite two major gaming platforms. The biggest development in the project was recorded earlier this month. In one of the preview builds of the 19H1 update, Microsoft allowed users to install “State of Decay” for free on their systems.

Here’s the surprise

windows 10 xbox one cross gaming

The preview ring State of Decay download source was set from which is an Xbox distribution server. Usually, the source was which is a Microsoft Store server.

This implies that the company is utilizing the Xbox installation frame instead of porting every Xbox features one by one to PC.

It is worth noting that the installer download was in a .xvc format which was primarily introduced by Microsoft for Xbox one in 2013.

Previously, Xbox Play Anywhere allowed gamers to play Xbox games on PC. But this new notion now makes it easier to get Xbox games on PC.

Many also point that Microsoft had not taken such a daring initiative before. Well, hardware differences and technical issues were big issues in accomplishing the company’s dreams earlier.

Many people cannot play Xbox games because they do not own the hardware. But this step the company recent took opens bigger market potentials to the company.


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