New Xbox One build fixes Game Trials and Game DLC issues

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While he Xbox One is not as popular as Sony’s PS4, this might change in the future considering Microsoft continuously works on this console in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that all bugs are fixed.

A few days ago, Microsoft has released a new Xbox One build which is now available only for preview users. The new preview build released for Xbox One comes with the usual bug fixes, one of them related to the problem that prevents users from purchasing the full game after participating in a free trial weekend. Another problem that was fixed is the one that causes your game collection to crash when managing DLC.

If you are an Insider but haven’t received the update yet, we suggest you launch the guide by heading to your console’s All Settings->System->Console info & updates. If it detects a new update, download it and install it on your console. When the installation is complete, your console will then reboot.

Once the Xbox One console reboots, we suggest you check the two issues to see if are fixed. Keep in mind this is a preview build and may contain some other bugs or errors that will be fixed once the next public version for Xbox One will be released.

Have you installed the latest preview version on your Xbox One console? Tell us your thoughts about the fixes that come with it!



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