Quantum Break updated for Windows 10 and Xbox One, here’s what’s new

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Remedy, the developer of Quantum Break, has announced a few weeks ago that it is working on some bugs and issues that they have found on the Xbox One and Windows 10 edition of this game.

Well, according to Windows Central, this update has already started to roll out on Xbox One consoles, which will improve players’ overall experience. If you have enabled the “instant-on” feature on your Xbox One console, the update will start downloading automatically.

You can see a full change log of the update by heading to the official Remedy forums, but we’ll mention a few important bug fixes: ambient sounds were disappearing when mashing buttons during a cinematic, world visibly unloaded after Jack let Beth and NPC into the Swimming Pool front door, Jack’s subtitles were not showing in somecinematics etc.

In case you have downloaded the UWP version of the game from the Windows 10 Store, the developer says that it is currently working with Microsoft to fix some performance issues.

Remedy said that Microsoft has already identified a Windows 10 memory management issue that was causing the Quantum Break game to crash on some computers because of the GPUs. This crash was spotted at higher game settings and Microsoft will fix it in a future Windows Update that it will release sometime soon.

We remind you that Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, has announced during the Build 2016 event that Microsoft will fix the UWP games limitation by bringing FreeSync and G-Sync support to Windows 10 and that this will happen in May 2016. With other words, UWP games will run much better on Windows 10 OS in the near future.

On what platform do you play Quantum Break and what issues have you found until now? Tell us your thoughts about UWP games and how they run on Windows 10 OS!


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