Get Redstone update on Xbox One by switching to Dev Mode

by Radu Tyrsina
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During the first day of Microsoft’s Build 2016 conference, the company announced that anyone would be able to turn their Xbox One into a development kit. Well, the Dev Mode Activation application is now available and developers can get started right away.

The Xbox Dev Mode has been available for a few days already as a preview, but a full release will be happening sometime this summer. This mode will allow you to build and perform experiments and tests in developing in the Universal Windows Program (UWP).

In order to convert your Xbox One to Dev Mode, you won’t need to pay any fees or for any special equipment but you will need to create a $19 Dev Center account.

It is good to know that the preview variant of the Dev Mode will access just 448MB of RAM from the Xbox One’s 8GB total. However, when Dev Mode is fully released, developers will have access to 1GB of RAM supported for UWP Xbox games.

How To Switch Your Xbox One To Dev Mode

First of all, users will need to download the Dev Mode activation app from the Xbox Game Store. Once you start the application, you will see a welcome screen along with a link to some documentation and other details that inform you about what to expect once you switch over from a retail to a dev kit. At the same time, it will inform you about its requirements:

– Join the Windows Insider Program;
– Have a computer that runs on Windows 10 OS;
– Have a wired connection to your PC from your Xbox One console;
– Install the latest Windows builds and Visual Studio 2015;
– Have at least 30GB of free space on your Xbox One console.

The introduction will also inform you that once you convert your console, you may have issues while running retail games. In addition, in order to exit Dev Mode, you will have to completely reset your console to its factory settings and uninstall ALL your games, applications, and content.

Once you agree to this, you will receive a code which you can enter on your computer once you sign into your Dev Center account. Keep in mind that the activation can take a few minutes and will most likely ask you to update the console. Once you’ve converted the console to Dev Mode, it will restart and return you to the standard startup screen.

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