Xbox One warns you of excessive gameplay

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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When you’re playing your favorite game on your Xbox One console, time disappears. You’ve been playing all day long, but it only seems you started a few minutes ago.

Fortunately for players, Microsoft has introduced a new feature in the latest Xbox One Preview which displays notifications if you spend too much time time playing on you console.

What does “too much time” mean to Microsoft? Apparently, only an hour. Players from the United States and South Korea reported they received warnings about excessive game play an hour after they pressed the play button. The notification reads: “Excessive game playing may cause problems in your daily life.”

Also, not all Xbox One Insiders have received such notifications, as it appears the feature is enabled only for certain regions.

Microsoft’s worry for its users well-being is to be appreciated, but the problem is that these unexpected notifications can get pretty annoying during gameplay. In some games, dialogue pop-ups are used and the warnings about the excessive game play may actually obstruct them.

Nobody knows exactly why Microsoft introduced such notifications. On the one hand, Microsoft’s worry for its users’ health could be genuine, as hard-core gamers can play their favorite games for hours on end.

On the other hand, it’s strange that Microsoft displays such warnings, when it should actually be happy that Xbox One players spend so much time using the platform: they finish the game more quickly and can buy a new one.

What do you think about the new pop-up warning gamers about excessive game play? Do you think it’s a useful feature, or is it rather annoying?


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