Xbox One could soon get wireless speaker support

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xbox one wireless speaker

High quality wireless audio is something that most Xbox users only dream of, but it might be becoming a reality sooner than expected.

This is due to a most recent partnership struck between Microsoft, the creator and owner of Xbox, and WiSA, or the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association.

The induction of Xbox as a member into this organization can prove very fruitful and there might be highly important opportunities lining up for one of the industry’s leading console platforms.

What is WiSA?

The Wireless Speaker and Audio Association is an organization formed by some of the leading brands in the industry for when it comes to audio and sound.

The list of members includes names like LG or Harman Kardon, just to name a couple.

You could say that it’s the meeting party for all the important names in sound and audio, especially in relation to wireless audio technology.

What does this mean for Xbox?

Now, Xbox has been officially made a member of this association and this means that it has direct contact with the leading names in the field of wireless audio.

Wireless audio would be an unbelievable feature for the Xbox One, and it is not closer to becoming a reality thanks to this partnership. The main benefits would revolve around ease of access and instant setup for the audio portion of the Xbox One experience.

Here is what WiSA had to say about the induction of Microsoft’s Xbox as an official member:

We are excited to welcome Xbox and have them work alongside our speaker brand members to increase the in-market system offerings that can be created through the interoperability of WiSA technology

Great news for both old and new Xbox users

xbox one wireless speaker

This is great news for both those that are thinking about becoming Xbox gamers in the near future, as well as the console’s veteran players.

Thanks to this new accord between Xbox and the affiliated members of WiSA, the console will benefit from support for all the latest and greatest pieces of audio tech released by said members.

Xbox users should have no problem in using the best wireless audio solutions available to date once Xbox settles in at the WiSA table.

More audio goodness for the upcoming Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is the latest iteration of Microsoft’s console, unveiled with immense anticipation at E3.

With pre-orders sold out, the console promises to be a big smash on the market, at least in terms of sales.

One of its greatest features is the integration of support for Dolby Atmos DTS 5.1, which is currently one of the best choices on the market in terms of surround sound at the highest quality.


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