Xbox One X users ask for a new controller from Microsoft

by Ivan Jenic
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The brand new Xbox One X is expected to be released this year. Microsoft promises gamers that it will be the most powerful console ever build. You would say that’s enough to fulfill the appetite of picky Xbox gamers, but that’s not exactly the case with some core fans.

Namely, there’s an ongoing discussion on Reddit where people say that a new Xbox One controller ‘would pair nicely’ with the new console. But so far, there hasn’t been such announcement from Microsoft. And even though many gamers would certainly love a new hardware addition, the announcement is unlikely to happen this year. 

People have various theories about the alleged release date of the new controller. And most of them agree the new controller should arrive sometime in 2018.

A theory we tend to agree the most with is the one pointed out by Redditor drewmaw on the above-mentioned thread. Namely, it makes sense for Microsoft to announce the new controller during E3 2018. Since the Xbox One X will be already out by then, there won’t be any hardware announcements, just game titles. So, ‘adding a tasty hardware announcement mixed in will get the people talking.’

One thing is for certain now. We don’t have anything, about people’s opinions and theories. And without any official word from Microsoft, it’s very hard to make an accurate guess. However, we’re sure the company will eventually give us some info about the new controller in the coming months. Then, we’ll know better. We already know that mouse and keyboard on Xbox is the real thing now.

Some people even want Microsoft to open a design lab for the new controller. How awesome would it be to take part in designing your own controller? Let us know in the comments below!


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