Gamers want more mod space on the Xbox One X

Madeleine Dean By: Madeleine Dean
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The Xbox One X console is the most powerful gaming console in the world, yet not all players feel that the gaming experience it offers is complete. Many gamers asked Microsoft to offer them more mod space on the Xbox One X.

Just like any console, the Xbox One X stores mods internally, meaning that players can’t install them on external storage devices. The problem is that if players load tens of gigabytes worth of mods, they may experience various game issues, including crashes.

Skyrim and Fallout players recently expressed their disappointment and asked Microsoft to offer them more mod space. In this manner, they can take advantage of the full array of features that the Xbox One X console can offer.

Here’s how one gamer describes this situation:

We are getting great quest mods and things like Beyond Skyrim: Bruma. There are great optimized texture mods and shaders. Give us what we want, let us tailor our experience! Let us push the xbox one x to the limit! Even doubling our space would be lovely! We want to play all the great quest mods at once!
Im more of a skyrim player so i cant comment on fallout but the skyrim 5gb is a little strange. Worst part is that you cant even transfer it to a hardrive for easy xbox switching =(

The fact that the Xbox One X features the same mod space as the original Xbox One put off many potential buyers. Indeed, 4K textures take more room. The hard drives in consoles are still overshadowed by PC hard drives, and feature quite a few limitations.

Both Microsoft and major video game publishers have yet to issue any comments following gamers’ request for more mod space.



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