The Xbox One X could become the most popular gaming console in the world

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xbox one x success

The Xbox One X is Microsoft’s fastest selling console. The device sold out quickly shortly after Microsoft officially announced it.

Fans can’t wait to get their hands on the Xbox One X

Many were not expecting that the Xbox One X would manage to sell that well. The sales of the premium console are insane, and they’ll probably continue to remain like that for a while after its release as well.

Microsoft is also trying to consolidate all the digital and physical Xbox products on the Xbox Store. As a result, Insiders are now able to order peripherals for the Xbox from the Xbox Store, and they can also get digital games and subscriptions. This is the first time since Steam’s launch of the Steam controller that a digital store also becomes physical and the whole thing opens up great future possibilities.

Consequences of Xbox One X’s success

Unfortunately, the success known by the Xbox One X may have a downside for the rest of the Xbox One family. The sales for the Xbox One have dropped since the Xbox One X entered the scene. But, probably Microsoft had seen this coming, so it’s not a surprise.

An Intelligent Delivery system for game storage is in the works

It became apparent that 1TB is not enough to hold all your games and the 4K texture upgrades that are required by the Xbox One X. It looks like Microsoft is currently working on something called Intelligent Delivery which is a system that would be able to send parts of a game to the cloud after you are done with them. But this is something that may materialize only a few years from now, but it’s exciting and great to know that Microsoft is working on something like this.

Taking all these advantages into account, we think it’s fair to state that the Xbox One X could soon become the most popular gaming console in the world.


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wow what a biased article. no it wont be, its overpriced, barely anyone has a 4k TV yet so no ones in a rush to play 4k games, and guess what people want to play GAMES so how comes you have no exclusives coming out this year? crackdown 3 delayed, scalebound cancelled. atleast try to be an honest in your article, mainly the fact that simply being the fastest selling console in the history means nothing, because more people will still get ps4 for the exclusives such as last of us, bloodborne, uncharted, nioh, persona 5, hellblade i can go on. simply a biased article with no proof trying to get people to buy a sadly failing console which if you didnt focus on a home media system from the start and the DRM fiasco you might have been the most popular console.

You call something bias and then go on to write a completely bias post of your own ! Comical.
You say it’s overpriced, overpriced compared to what ? How overpriced is the PS Pro Poor hardware,Underpowered and featureless PS Pro compared to the normal PS4 in your opinion ?

No games coming out this year ! So you belive Forza 7, Cuphead, State of Decay 2, Super Lucky Tales and Player unknown battlegrounds are not coming out this year ? get your facts right they are all coming out this year.
Why would you even bother mentioning Crackdown being delayed ? Games on all system are delayed all the time, some of the PS4 games launched this year we’re delayed titles.

What’s Sony got coming this year ? Oh that’s right just a spinoff of Gran Tourismo, GT Sport a poor man’s Gran Tourismo, No Changing weather, no day night cycle, hardly any cars, poor backgrounds and no single player mode beyond a tutorial.
Easy to mention parts of the year that suit you isn’t it.

I like the way you talk about exclusives as if the Xbox One doesn’t have any,lol and then you go on to list a few titles on the PS4 adding in niche games from Japan that don’t sell well at all outside of it.

Most games sold by far are multi format titles and people want the best version of these that run at the best possible Results and Framerate’s and that will be on the Xbox1X.

“The huge majority of games sold are Multi Format titles and people want the best version of these that run at the best possible Resolution and Framerate’s and that will be on the Xbox1X”

Incorrect, for best res and frame rate they will be on the PC. Good luck with your crappy over priced console.