Xbox Preview program to be renamed to Insider

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Xbox Preview was just one of the many programs of this type that Microsoft hosts, with other such programs constantly popping up for Windows 10 and Windows 10 applications. To be in better alignment with its Windows 10 counterparts, the Xbox Preview program has been appropriately renamed to the Xbox Insider program.

Until now, the only way to get into the Xbox Preview/Xbox Insider program was through an invitation. That is no longer required, as Microsoft has announced one of the biggest changes it’s ever made to the program: free entrance into the Xbox Insider program. Now, anyone that desires to sign up for Xbox Insider is free to do so.

The Xbox Preview version had a feature called the Xbox Preview Dashboard, which was a sort of place where people could interact. With this update, the Dashboard is being revamped and transformed into the Xbox Insider Hub. The places where users interact and share feedback for other Microsoft programs such as Windows 10 or Office 365 Insider are also called Hubs, therefore it was only suitable for the Dashboard to be renamed. The name isn’t the only thing changing, as the old Dashboard will also be modernized from an aesthetic point of view, making it so that it is in better sync with the rest of Microsoft’s visual ideas.

The update is being rolled out systematically, starting with the people that have contributed the most over time, meaning that if you are new to the program, you’ll have to wait a few days as Xbox Preview seniors will have priority.

Microsoft seems to be having a lot of success with its Insider programs. Theirs is no reason why the Xbox Insider wouldn’t receive the same accolades as its Windows comrades.



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