We could see an awesome new Xbox title at TGA 2021

by Alexandru Poloboc
Alexandru Poloboc
Alexandru Poloboc
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  • This year's edition of TGA is almost upon us and gamers are getting increasingly excited.
  • We have a general idea of what games we could see at the event, but we could be surprised.
  • Hellblade, Avowed, and Redfall are just some of the titles expected by fans worldwide.
  • However, certain figures in the Xbox world also hint at a new, exciting game to be revealed.
tga 2021

Every self-respecting gamer is already hyped for the December event, and we bet that everyone has already speculated and cast votes on what we’re about to see at The Game Awards 2021.

But seeing how none of us know for sure, it sometimes helps to listen to the opinion of certified people, who actually have a better idea of what’s coming

And with TGA almost around the corner, it’s time we too got more familiar with what we could witness.

Hellblade II, Avowed and maybe a new title at TGA

This is mostly what gamers talk about nowadays, especially with such an important event less than a couple of months away.

Social media platforms and all sorts of gaming forums are buzzing with news, opinions, and speculations about the content of this year’s awards.

It goes without saying that every time we don’t know something we seek the opinion of people with higher education in that specific field, or simply with more information than widely available.

In this case, a vice worth hearing is that of german Xbox Insider Klobrille, whose words have been retweeted by fans thousands of times already.

He said that besides Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite (regular and SP versions), Hellblade II, Redfall, and Avowed, this year TGA could also bring forth a brand new, exciting title.

He even hinted at this not-to-be-mentioned-yet game back in September, when he said:

Yea, maybe. I also don’t know where As Dusk Falls fits into right now, that could be another one.

I have heard of one XGS release in Q2 that is not announced yet, but it’s technically not a completely new game (not allowed to share sry). We’ll see if that turns out to be true.

With this being the talk of the town, you can imagine that everyone is now going through all Xbox announcements, to see if they missed a key piece of evidence that might point to this new release.

But the company is highly secretive about future endeavours and will most likely keep it hidden until the time for it to see the light finally comes.

The great majority of players are hoping for a sequel to the Wolfenstein series, among others. But there’s no way to know for sure, until new information surfaces.

We will keep you updated on this subject as soon as fresh information becomes available. Remember that The Game Awards 2021 are scheduled to take place in December.

What is your prediction? What do you think is the game that Xbox is keeping a secret? Share your opinions with us in the comments section below.