Xbox is updated to fix Skyrock app issues

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A few days ago, Microsoft  released the Xbox One Summer Update, which introduced background music support, Cortana and other improvements. However, users are complaining about an issue related to the Skyrock app, with the Xbox team acting fast and releasing a new preview build with a fix for this problem.

Microsoft also made some clarifications, mentioning that some games, applications or DLC that users purchased from the new Store are available only on consoles running the latest Windows 10 Anniversary edition update, but games purchased via are available on any console. In addition, the new settings added to Xbox One include SmartScreen Filter and advertising ID, both of which can be turned off.

There are also other known problems which should be solved in future updates:

– When installing a new version of a universal app, this version will still appear as Ready to Install;

– Installation error (0x800700002) might appear when attempting to install or update universal applications. The only way to fix this issue is to uninstall and reinstall the application.

– Kinect Sports Rivals, Kinect Sports Rivals Hub, Nutjitsu, Threes and Voice Commander might appear Apps instead of Games.

– You may experience problems with Netflix. When launching or using a Netflix app installed by another user on the same console, you may see the “Do you own this game or app?” error. This problem can be solved by going to the Store. There, you’ll sign in as the primary user and then select “Free to download and install” Netflix.

– The profile interface might appear after 30 seconds after selecting “Add new” to add a new profile.

– Some pins to movies or music may disappear from Home, while pins for apps will remain in place.

– Another problem related to Community Calendar.

If you still want to install this update, navigate to All Settings > System > Console info & updates.



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