Xbox’s new cloud gaming feature will get you clearer streams but only on Microsoft Edge

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Xbox has a new readability feature that will increase PC function.
  • The feature will only be on the Microsoft Edge browser as the company wants to increase the number of users.
  • Xbox users can now enjoy clearer streams and play many more games.
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Xbox seems to have added yet another feature that can be said to be an early Christmas gift for its fans.

Fans have been treated to a new readability feature that will see clearer streams when playing games and increase PC functions.

It certainly has been a good year for Xbox, especially with the number of features introduced. You may recall the Dolby atmos feature was added to Xbox gaming consoles, and now the package is complete with clearer streams.

Only on Microsoft Edge

Whereas this may be excellent news, Xbox has a trick up its sleeves. For you to enjoy this feature, you must be using the Microsoft Edge browser. 

Not long ago, Microsoft enabled users to stream their console games from the cloud, but it is such a shame that this feature is only limited to one browser.

If Microsoft Edge wasn’t your favourite browser, you may want to start warming up to it if you want to enjoy the perks. 

Readability function

The readability function is currently being examined utilizing Microsoft Edge Canary, which is an earlier rollout before it is made available to all customers.

According to Milena Gonzalez, Xbox program supervisor,

“This function makes use of a set of client-side scaling enhancements to enhance the visible high quality of the video stream,” 

The readability function creates a noticeable distinction with video games becoming less blurry and sharper images.

There is no word out yet that says the feature will be available to other browsers or consoles in the future, but we wait and see what the company has in store.

Will you be switching to the Microsoft Edge browser to enjoy the new readability function? Let us know in the comment section below.

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