XCOM 2 issues on Xbox One: a promising game, but not yet perfect

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XCOM 2 is an exciting alien hunting game that will turn you into the ultimate hero. The fate of humankind lies in your hands as you fight against ruthless alien forces set for destruction. At the same time, you need to coordinate the projects of the research department, and make sure your soldiers have the best weapons at their disposal.

These tasks are complex enough, and the last thing you need are game issues. Unfortunately, XCOM 2 is not a bug-free game. According to gamers’ reports, XCOM 2 issues can range from crashes and freezes to minor graphics bugs. No matter how unimportant an issue may seem, it can limit your gaming experience, or even ruin it especially if it occurs in the middle of a fierce battle against aliens.

Frequent XCOM 2 issues on Xbox One

1. Sometimes, the FPS rate drastically drops, but only for a short period of time. Gamers’ reports suggest this happens mainly on loading screen, and it doesn’t block the gameplay altogether.

Loading screens (when in the ship flying to a mission) the frame rate drops a heck of a lot but that only happens on the loading screens. Some cut screens will have some texture pop as well but in mission I have rarely seen it. My guess a simple patch will fix 90% of it.

2. The neon white graphics limit the gaming experience for many gamers. However, they confirmed their systems meet the requirements for this game and there should be no reason for the annoying neon white graphics to appear. Here’s what the gameplay images look like:

XCOM 2 graphics issues

3. Some facilities are unavailable. This is a rather severe issue because not being able to access facilities such as research, armory, and engineering limits the game progress. Completing research and engineering projects is essential to your army’s success. If your soldiers are not backed up by strong technological advancements that can be translated into better weaponry, they don’t stand a chance against the enemy.

Lost 3 hours of gameplay because the facilities never unlocked and so I couldn’t complete any research or engineering projects. Had to totally restart my game and lose all that progress because of this glitch. Really disappointing start to Xcom2 after how amazing XCOM EU was.

4.Missing DLCs block access to the multiplayer mode. XCOM 2 allows gamers to play online with other people only if they have the exact same DLC packages installed. Otherwise, the multiplayer mode is unavailable. This limitation is very annoying because it’s dividing the game’s fan base.

The main issues is that the missing DLC packages often don’t bring anything new to the game. In other words, there is no major difference between the gamers having installed an additional DLC and those who didn’t get it. Judging by the gamers’ reports, it appears that this limitation is prevalent for the players running the CD version of the game. One possible solution for such situations is to actually uninstall and reinstall the CD version of the game.

Me and a buddy picked up the new xcom as soon as it released on xbox. We had both got the deluxe version, and when we went to play online with eachother, it kept telling us that we didn’t have compatible versions, that one of us had more dlc then the other. Long story short, we figured out that he never downloaded the 50 mb reference to the resistence warrior pack. once this was downloaded we could play together. […]

I hope this is a glitch that will be addressed, instead of a staple to the multiplayer. To divide your player base with this price barrier is extremely dissapointing. especially when it is purely cosmetic.

5. XCOM 2 freezes when renaming your soldier. If you no longer like your soldier’s name, you can change it, but you should avoid typing over the original name because this action cause the game to freeze.

If you try to rename your character by typing over the original name, the game freezes. Luckily, there’s a simple workaround: simply hit X and delete the original name prior to entering the new one. Just wanted to raise awareness in case folks lose some decent progress due to game freezing 🙂

As expected, the XCOM 2 gaming experience has been smoother and more stable on the Xbox One console. PC gamers are experiencing far more issues than their Xbox One counterparts, such as random crashes and black screen with sound.

Of course, this list is not an exhaustive one, and doesn’t cover all the XCOM 2 issues encountered by Xbox One gamers. The purpose of this article is to list the most frequent bugs reported by Xbox One gamers playing XCOM 2, and offer some workarounds, if available.

If you have encountered other issues that we didn’t list in this article, feel free to tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.


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I was ambushed during a covert ops. When I try to do the evac mission, it spawns my soldiers out of the level. It allows me to overwatch and throw grenades. After I choose both of my actions, the game starts buzzing and freezes me out

Major crash issue when you encounter the Archon king from the DLC. Crashes 2-3 time per hour, when the king moves, when loading or saving. Also other aspects of this encounter are very buggy, overwatch doesn’t trigger when it moves, suppression fire doesn’t trigger an attack when it moves- basically the game breaks when you meet this unit, and you can’t avoid it once you’ve started the DLC questline. I’ve also encountered numerous graphic bugs that hurt the experience without breaking the game. I love Xcom games and this is very disappointing.

Small error but when I’ve entered into changing my team’s inventory, the B button is not in use and there is no way to get back out to the squad selection before the fight.

Reason why I’m here is because of a bug I keep encountering: when I’m skirting around enemy detection radii to set up an ambush, every once in a while I’ll get spotted. It’s usually nothing more than annoyance, but I was just playing an ironman, maximum difficulty game, and this bug just got an entire squad of Sgts and Cprls killed, one of which I made to look like myself. Obviously, that kinda pissed me off.

I have researched the plasma level sniper and cannon, I have built them for the squad bonus, yet they are not available to me.
I’ve encountered the black screen bug, where the game continues to play but you can’t see what is going on.
I’ve used intel on the black market for instant research and it never happened.
The game could be so good. A worthy successor to EU or EW, but the bugs are dismal and ruining the game. Shoddy.

I found some sort of bug on Xbox one that won’t allow me to change elevation more than one story up. I started a new game with the DLC add-ons. I completed one play through with only minor graphics slow down prior to this. Now that I have the DLC I’m having more issues. I can only go up one elevation height. I cannot get any soldier to climb to the third story roof of any building. Also if enemies are at that height, my units have no sight of them and they don’t react to my units. They appear to be frozen in place up there. If an extraction appears on a third story roof I can’t get any units up there. Very game breaking.