Yelp is Down for Most Users [May 2014]

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Nope, there isn’t an official Windows 8 Yelp app and that’s not what we’re going to talk about. A few of our readers have asked us to check whether Yelp was down or not, and, after a quick check on the web, it turns out to be true.
yelp is down 2014
Yelp, the review websites with millions of users across the world, seems to be down for the moment for most of the users from all over the world. As you can see in the above screenshot, when accessing website, you are seeing the following message – “500 error. Woof, something went wrong. Sorry about that! Detective Darwin tracks these technical errors automatically, and we’re already working on a fix. In the meantime, try refreshing“. Others have been getting “HTTP 503 – SERVICE UNAVAILABLE” errors, as well. Now, we’re able to confirm that the service is indeed down for most users but we’ll update the article once that changes.

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Yelp is down for the time being

The problem has been confirmed by the team itself on the official Twitter account:

Yelp may be down for some of you right now. We’re experiencing networking issues, but working to get back up to speed ASAP.

And last time I checked on IsItDownRightNow, I got the following:
yelp down 2014

However, it’s not completely down for everybody, as the servers are slowly appearing to be turning back on. From the looks of it, the problem has been affected only the web interface and not the mobile apps, as well.

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